“On a crisp February evening…”


“On a crisp February evening… under a blanket of stars surrounded by the sounds of nature, I soaked in a warm, bubbling bed of water. The Horseshoe Hills Lodge Jacuzzi located in the Gallatin River Ranch was a perfect place to reminisce the day’s events.

3D archery, pistol shooting and admiring the land was that day’s agenda. Exhilarating and so well planned.  All I had to do was hop in to the chauffeured vehicle with Peter Holman, Director of Outdoor Pursuits, and everything else was taken care of — gear and all!  It was flawless.

After my bow was adjusted and a brief but very thorough lesson was delivered, I was off to the course.  Life sized 3D elk, bear, coyote and 12 other replicas were waiting.  It was addictive… a blast!! Needless to say, I didn’t pack out any meat, but oh, what fun!  The pistol range was next. That too proved to be a very fun & contagious activity.

Driving through the Gallatin River Ranch was one Kodak moment after another.  From the unobstructed views of the big Montana sky to the rippling waters of the Gallatin River, this place had it all…which parcel did I want?!  I was amazed at the varied topography.  From the Castle Rock iconic landmark to the gentle sloping hillsides; an invitation to all.

As we drove back to the lodge, 9 stunning mountain ranges wrapped around us and welcomed us home. I felt both relaxed and invigorated as we returned home to our rural retreat at Horseshoe Hills Lodge….

Ahhh, next: The hot tub. :)

(An entry written by Jan Bearss)


Cottonwood Gulch Fire Photos

GRR Homeowners talk about the Cottonwood Gulch Fire and their homes.

Gallatin County homeowners talk about evacuation after wildfire scare


Despite the chaos of the fire Sunday night, the fire crews did an amazing job saving all the homes at the Gallatin River Ranch say residents.

“We’re really thankful this morning to have a house to come back to,” told LeVay Lemon and Al Silvey, homeowners at the Gallatin River Ranch.

A few residents at the Ranch were told to leave when the fire came dangerously close to their homes.

“Police came about 12:30 (a.m.) and knocked on our door…yeah, they came a half an hour after we started packing and said ‘can we help you move stuff, you have to go,’” said Lemon and Silvey.

“They told us to pack up, so what do you grab when you think you are going to lose everything? Said told Linda Kelly, another homeowner at the Gallatin River Ranch. “So the first thing I did was open all my drawers, all my closets and take pictures of everything I had. And then just grabbed the things I couldn’t replace.”

After packing up, residents watched the fire threaten their homes from the ridge facing their property.

“It was very frightening…very frightening to sit over there and watch it, and be helpless,” said Lemon and Silvey. “And all we could do was pray, so that’s what we did a lot yesterday,”

Despite how close the fire got to their houses, residents say the fire crews did an incredible job of saving their homes

“It was terrifying and if it hadn’t been for the helicopters out of Helena -thanks you guys -I don’t think our house would be here this morning,” said Lemon.

The fire came up right to the house, but thanks to the helicopters dumping water all around the property, the home was saved.

“These helicopters are amazing,” said Kelly. “The pilot crews, ground crews, they really did save our house.”

And the fire crews are still hard at work to put out any remaining flames.

“Now they are working on the hot spots and they are still going at it,” continued Kelly. “They are still dumping buckets on all the smoldering and flames that came back up again.”

“Our own fire crew was phenomenal,” said Lemon and Silvey. “They were just fantastic. We appreciate them so much and the guys who were flying the helicopters – we know it wasn’t an easy job in the wind yesterday.”

Poker Ride Contributes to GRR Fire Department!

The Poker Ride fundraiser was a great success! The GRR Fire Department received a nice check this morning from the proceeds thanks to everyone who contributed to this fun event! We look forward to doing it again next summer.

Handing off the fundraising proceeds to the GRR FD.

Handing off the fundraising proceeds to the GRR FD.